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Illegal Immigrant Insurance Issues
The issue of what services illegal immigrants should legally get in America is long and complicated. There are two services that tend to always be at the top of the list of services that really get Americans upset that they are available to illegal immigrants. When American citizens find out that there is free healthcare for illegal immigrants and that illegal immigrants can obtain a drivers license, the citizens of America start the debates. [...]
Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim
1. Evaluate whether or not you should file an insurance claim: Did you know that just when you call your insurance company with a question about possibly filing a claim it is often recorded on your insurance record? It is important to keep your insurance record clean and one way is deciding whether or not you should file a claim. It doesn’t matter if the accident is your fault or not, you should ask yourself first if you can pay for the damage. Simply put, if you can pay for it yourself without financial hardship, don’t file the claim. [...]
Temporary Car Insurance
For the average driver in the United States, a typical car insurance policy can be both a pain to obtain and a major blow to the budget. For infrequent drivers, long-term policies are downright unnecessary.
First things first - what is temporary car insurance? In a nutshell, these are fast and simple policies drafted by insurance companies that offer the same types and amounts of insurance coverage as long-term auto insurance policies. [...]

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